Dermatologist offers medical student debt relief scholarship

Aglow Dermatology, a New York City-based private medical practice located, is offering New York State medical students in their last year of study a unique scholarship opportunity that also supports the practice’s online marketing efforts.
When Aglow Dermatology reaches 1,500 likes on Facebook, a $1500 scholarship will be unlocked for eligible students.
"These days many people who want to become doctors start out saddled with enormous student loan debt and have all of that guide their decisions going forward about what to do with their careers," says dermatologist Dina Strachan, MD, founder of Aglow Dermatology.
"I feel that medical students who have the courage to take on debt in order to contribute to society deserve a little relief. They may not be getting it from the government but this is a small, fun way we can help."
Applications and instructions can be downloaded from the Aglow Dermatology website at

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