Lund Takes Helm of The Aesthetic Society


Herluf G. Lund, Jr., MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, is the new president of The Aesthetic Society, a 2,600-member organization dedicated to aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Lund and his leadership team will focus on guiding membership through the COVID-19 crisis and completing a number of critical projects in development including:

  • The Aesthetic Society’s Recommendations for Reopening Office and Resuming Elective Procedures
  • Aesthetic One - The Patient App for two-way doctor-patient communication and the acquisition of breast implant patient-related data
  • The Aesthetic Neural Network practice management system
  • The Aesthetic Society website redesign

“It is a tremendous honor to assume the role of president of The Aesthetic Society. I look forward to finalizing the many pivotal projects with my peers and fellow Aesthetic Society members,” said Dr. Lund. “As a country and among the aesthetic industry, we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances with COVID-19, but we stay committed to our mission, particularly as we safely guide our membership to reopening offices and resuming elective surgeries.”

Other new executive committee members include:
President-Elect: William P. Adams, Jr., MD, Dallas
Vice President: Jennifer Walden, MD, Austin, Texas
Treasurer: Melinda J. Haws, MD, Nashville
Secretary: Kiya Movassaghi, MD, DMD, FACS, Eugene, Oregon

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