PRP Assessed in the Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia

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Researchers published a study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Technology evaluating the effect of platelet-rich plasma injections in the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

The study assessed 50 patients, 18-40 years of age (mean ago 25.96 ± 5.99), who complained of androgenic alopecia. The duration of hair loss ranged from 1-15 years  (mean 4.58 ± 3.38). Patients were treated four times at one month intervals with platelet-rich plasma injections. 

Researchers evaluated each treatment using Micro Viewer dermoscopy, which was then analyzed by Compare view software. The mean Compare software parameters showed a statistically significant increased from 261.47 ± 39.79 to 312.03 ± 48.61 for hair density, 0.64 ± 0.13 to 0.76 ± 0.16 for hair width and 2.25 ± 1.38 to 3.56 ± 2.71 for terminal/Vellus ratio (p < 0.05). An evaluation and satisfaction was completed after each patient visit.

The present study indicates that APRP is a good tool for androgenic alopecia treatment in the absence of adverse effects.

Find the full study here

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