Plastic Surgeon Publishes New Textbook on Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Board-certified plastic surgeon C. Bob Basu  MD, and co-editor Sameer A. Patel, MD, announced the publication of a comprehensive textbook on aesthetic breast surgical techniques titled Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Each chapter of the textbook was contributed by an internationally renowned surgeon or surgeons.

The Cosmetic Breast Surgery textbook offers useful information for both early career and senior surgeons looking for updated practical knowledge.

The first section is a comprehensive survey of modern techniques for performing foundational procedures, including breast lift, breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer, breast reduction and ptotic breast management.

The second section of the book covers novel and cutting-edge technical modalities: detailing techniques for transgender breast surgery, correction of congenital breast deformities, revision breast surgery and Dr. Basu's own internal bra technique, among other topics.

The third section details important considerations for managing risk, performing revision procedures, and also reviews the most recent evidence on breast implant illness and breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

"Having run a cosmetic surgery practice for over 15 years, I deeply value the free exchange of ideas among skilled surgeons that allows us to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Together, we advance understanding and expand possibilities, and are thus able to provide results that are ideally suited to each unique patient," said Dr. Basu. "The publication of Cosmetic Breast Surgery sets a new bar, and I expect the book to be a key point of reference for years to come."

The textbook was released in both hardcover and ebook, and is currently available at textbook retailers, including Amazon.

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