Almirall and Tyris Partner To Develop New Gene Therapies

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Almirall, S.A. and Tyris Therapeutics have announced a strategic partnership to tackle orphan dermatological conditions using nonviral gene therapies.

Almirall is a global biopharmaceutical company.

Tyris Therapeutics is a next-generation gene therapy company founded by Columbus Venture Partners.

Tyris will generate clinical lead candidates and progress them to clinical development. Almirall will have exclusive options to acquire the gene therapy products and progress them through clinical development to commercialization.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Columbus VP, one of the most experienced investors in the field of gene therapy. This strategic partnership facilitates the development of novel treatments options with the potential to make a significant difference to patients' lives," said Thomas Huber, research director at Almirall.

Tyris' nonviral DNA-based technology aims to deliver genes without size restrictions to specific tissues, with the option for re-administration. This technology may be applicable for all patients, as no preexisting immunity or development of immune response against the vector is expected.

"We are delighted to enter into this partnership and leverage Almirall' s expertise in dermatology to accelerate the development of the most effective gene therapy solutions for many patients with dermatological genetic diseases currently without treatment," said Damia Tormo, general partner of Columbus VP and CEO of Tyris.

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