AntalGenics Reduces Scalp Irritation with Neurocosmetic Capsisilence

AntalGenics Reduces Scalp Irritation with Neurcosmetic Capsisilence.jfif
AntalGenics Reduces Scalp Irritation with Neurcosmetic Capsisilence

To protect the scalp and reduce irritation and itch, AntalGenics, a biotechnology company focused on the development of new active molecules for biomedical and dermocosmetic applications, has designed Capsisilence (INCI: Hydroxymethoxyiodobenzyl Glycolamide Caprate), a neurocosmetic ingredient for scalp care.

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According to the company, due to its action on the sensory neurons in skin, Capsisilence decreased the stinging grade given by volunteers by 20.1%, compared with a placebo, preventing the initiation of the itch sensation. In addition, the active helped to decrease irritation by reducing the release of proinflammatory mediators from immune cells in the skin.

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To protect the scalp from desquamation, Capsisilence also was shown to increase the expression of corneodesmosomes, delaying dandruff reappearance in volunteers with continuous use of the neurocosmetic ingredient. According to the company, these effects continued 14 days after volunteers stopping using the ingredient.

Capsisilence is recommended for leave-on hair solutions.

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