Cosmetic Bootcamp Launches Effort to Improve Diversity in Dermatology

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During the 17th annual Cosmetic Bootcamp, which took place June 24-27, 2021, Dr. Jacob Beer outlined the disparities in dermatologic care in darker skin patients. He noted that the disparities were not only in the delivery of care to patients of color, but also in opportunities to become dermatologists.

During the pandemic, Dr. Beer worked on projects using teledermatology to deliver high-quality skin care and increase access to care. Over the course of several months, it became apparent to him that disparities exist in the delivery of dermatologic care to skin of color patients. He found that one source of this disparity appears to be rooted in the lack of skin of color dermatologists with whom patients can relate. 

In an effort to address these disparities, Dr. Beer is presently negotiating with several academic centers as potential collaborators to provide scalable mentorship opportunities as well as improved educational materials for health care providers. He is also partnering with corporate sponsors to develop content in a format that will be relevant as well as increase research for diseases in darker skin.  

To partner, contact Kenneth Beer, MD, at 561.655.9055.

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