Sciton Introduces BBLINK Goggles for Laser Treatments

Sciton's BBLINK Goggles
Sciton's BBLINK Goggles
Courtesy of Sciton

Sciton has announced the launch of its BBLINK Goggles, which physically "blink" for the user to block out strain-inducing light flashes and improve treatment visibility.

BBLINK works with all modalities of the company's BBL (Broadband Light) including HERO, Forever Young, Forever Bare and SkinTyte to block every flash.

BBLINK Goggles benefits include:

  • Proprietary shutter design that automatically matches the speed of any BBL application
  • Reduction in headaches and eye strain 
  • Better visibility for precise placement of the BBL sapphire 
  • Designed with integrated IPL protective goggles as well as BBLINK True Block
  • Quick and simple pairing with the JOULE, mJOULE System
  • Multiple goggles can be synced to the same system and used during the same treatment
  • Can last an average full day of treatments
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