Global Market for PRP Is Set to Reach $811.34 million

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Courtesy of Transparency Market Research

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has completed an analysis of the therapeutic use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) showing that regenerative therapies for tissue regeneration has increased significantly.

According to TMR, the global market for PRP players is set to reach $811.34 million by 2030.

PRP-derived products are emerging as promising treatments for musculoskeletal diseases, spinal injuries, cosmetic surgeries and pain management, causing an increase of investments in the PRP market. The evaluation of PRP has generated interest among industry players engaged in orthopedics and stem cell research.

Market drivers include use in chronic diseases and injuries, medical tourism and PRP therapy product approvals.

TMR predicts that there will be a flux of large clinical trials to establish the clinical outcomes of PRP-derived growth factors, which will shape the market structure.

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