Artemis Releases Quarterly Beauty Survey Results

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According to a Artemis Distribution survey,  members of Gen Z and Millennials are the most likely age groups to seek cosmetic procedures in 2022

Artemis is a beauty tech device distribution company.

The study gathered data from over 1.2K respondents and consisted of 36 questions.

Data from the survey includes:

  • 24% of Gen Z & Millennials (ages 18- 41) noted that they will probably undergo enhancements in 2022 (in contrast to those aged 41+, where only 3% stated they had an interest in potentially getting procedures done)
  • 58% of young people (especially Gen Z) feel driven to cosmetic surgery by social media presence
  • People experiencing acne score their happiness significantly lower than those who do not have acne
  • Those who regularly deal with acne report significantly more anxiety and depression

The study was produced by data scientist Niels Markwat, PhD.

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