SaltMED Announces Manufacturing Agreement with Jabil

SaltFacial machine
SaltFacial machine
Courtesy of SaltMED

SaltMED, creator of The SaltFacial, has announced a manufacturing agreement with Jabil, which will manufacture and supply SaltMED's current and future products.

"Jabil chose to manufacture The SaltFacial because it is a market disruptor in the medical aesthetic industry and has tremendous opportunity to scale. As the industry's largest provider of design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to the medical field, The SaltFacial meets Jabil's high standards of delivering the best technology, while expanding into the medical aesthetic space," said Jim Warren, director of business development, Jabil.

“We truly appreciate Jabil for entrusting and choosing to partner with SaltMED to deliver world class technology in the medical aesthetic industry,” said Allan Danto, president and CEO of SaltMED. “Due to the high level of demand with both providers seeking to offer The SaltFacial’s unique and innovative technology, and consumers seeking The SaltFacial treatments, we have set immediate action plans and schedule to scale distribution in the early second half of 2022.”

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