5 Ways to Better Track & Increase Patient Reviews [Survey Results]

91% of readers want to learn how to track and collect patient reviews! Here are five ways to better track and increase patient reviews.
91% of readers want to learn how to track and collect patient reviews! Here are five ways to better track and increase patient reviews.
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In Terri Ross' article, How to Deliver a 5-Star Patient Experience, she states, "We all want five-star reviews and a five-star reputation...A positive customer experience builds loyalty, and loyal patients are a great referral source. In fact, according to Forbes, a loyal patient is 4x more likely to refer a friend." However, even if a practitioner does deliver a five star patient experience, this may not lead to a 5 star review or referral. Without a good system for following up with those patients to encourage them to leave a positive review and then track those reviews, that five star patient experience may produce five star reviews and thus, a solid five star reputation online to attract referrals and new patients to take the next step and request a consultation.

Ross provides further insight into what it takes to gain a five star reputation, stating, "I love the saying, “The fortune is in the follow up,” because it is so true. Did you know that 45% of patient inquiries are not followed up on at all? Mastering the follow up can set your practice apart from the competition." It's the follow up that will help secure those patient reviews, and thankfully, there are automated options and software platforms for requesting and tracking patient reviews that practitioners can now utilize rather than attempt to do this manually. 

In our recent survey which asked, Would you like to learn how to track and collect patient reviews? 91% of readers said yes and 9% said no.  

Considering the importance of patient reviews for gaining new and referral patients, particularly in the current digital age, learning how to better track and increase patient reviews is important to building and maintaining your good reputation. Here are five informative MedEsthetics articles to help you do just that.   

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