Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Body Peel Professional System

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Body Peel Professional System

This body peel 2-step system resurfaces the skin while stimulating collagen to address unique concerns on the body. The system includes the Alpha Beta Solution and Enriched Neutralizer. The Alpha Beta Solution includes 5 Alpha Beta acids, exfoliating enzymes, humectants and brightening agents. This peel clears the skin while firming and smoothing texture and fading pigmentation. 

This treatment can improve body acne over time while also evening skin tone and firming crepey, sagging skin. The first step dissolves the desmosomes holding surface skin cells together, accelerating desquamation and work synergistically with bromelain and papain, exfoliating enzymes that digest the coreneocyteson skin’s surface. Together, they provide a more comprehensive resurfacing and efficient removal of dead skin cells. The second step contains a potent blend of humectants, antioxidants, and brightening agents that infuse skin with deep moisture while simultaneously fading dark spots while bakuchiol stimulates collagen to diminish signs of aging, without dryness or irritation.


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