The Grownup Moisturizer Fights Signs of Female Biological & External Aging

The Grownup Moisturizer Fights Signs of Female Biological & External Aging

After more than two years in the Caire Lab, this unique moisturizer defends against signs of female biological aging and external pollution-caused aging in one formula. Caire’s Grownup Moisturizer features vitamin E that stops oxidative damage, ceramide-mimicking CeraLipids that strengthen the skin barrier, and hyaluronic acid and fermented peptide pro-collagen matrix increases cellular regeneration. 

Defense Benefits Against External Aging

  1. Super vitamin E antioxidant defends skin barrier against pollution-driven oxidative aging.
  2. Natural CeraLipids instantly strengthens skin’s first line of defense.
  3. Patent-pending “oil in water emulsion” ensures CeraLipids maximum hydration and protection.
  4. The product visibly helps skin look and feel richer, smoother and younger.
  5. The purpose-driven formula is designed to give skin time to recover health to help make skin (and eyes) behave and look younger.

Defense Benefits Against Internal Biological Aging

  1. Signature hyaluronic acid and fermented peptide matrix is pro-collagen generating.
  2. The product provides optimal all-day or all-night skin-soothing hydration.
  3. The moisturizer defends and repairs eye bags and undereye circles caused by melanin stain.
  4. Grownup Moisturizer smooths skin texture and reduces the appearance of larger pore sizes, instigated by natural hormone decline.
  5. The product defends against itchiness, redness, and dry patches associated with midlife and post-midlife hormone (estrogen) change.

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