The Growing Trends in Photobiomodulation

light therapy photobiomodulation LED treatment
Light therapy has become part of any top practice’s arsenal of aesthetic treatments due to its variety of skin-repairing benefits.

Light therapy has come a long way since its inception in the late 1960s. Originally used to heal tissue from sports injuries and wounds, low-level light therapy uses red and infrared light to ignite the cells into repair mode. This accelerates healing, enabling patients to get moving faster and improve their overall well-being. Dermatologists are starting to offer the treatment as well as become specialized in key areas. Because light therapy achieves a variety of skin-repairing results, it’s another offering in a top practice’s arsenal of aesthetic treatments. Always seeking innovative ways to address patient needs and provide succinct information, MedEsthetics spoke to professionals specializing in cosmetic enhancements to get their take on this growing trend.

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