Aerolase Lasers & Energy-based Devices Provide Confidence for Patients

Aerolase addresses a wide range of in-demand cleared indications, including acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and redness and hair removal.
Aerolase addresses a wide range of in-demand cleared indications, including acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and redness and hair removal.
[photo courtesy of Ashlee Bunkelman, LE, Skin Boss Med Spa]

Recent research has shown that the non-invasive aesthetic treatment market is expected to reach $150.6 billion by 2030. Clients can’t afford downtime for full-day procedures, long healing times or a red and puffy face on a Zoom call. As a result, Aesthetic technologies have advanced rapidly and now have minimal downtime and minimal risk.

With new practices opening daily, it’s crucial to acknowledge the key factors to success- confidence and trust. Medical professionals are eagerly integrating laser therapies into their operations, but ultimately the device chosen will be the defining factor for their practice’s longevity and prosperity. Aerolase has taken the initiative to put the fundamental building block of trust between practitioner and patient at the forefront of its brand.

Successful laser therapy begins with equipping your practice with the best device. It has never been more critical for professionals to identify which of their needs remain unmet and discover which devices are proving to meet those needs while also exceeding them. Backed by hundreds of clinical studies and tests, Aerolase lasers and energy-based devices were developed to provide medical professionals with top-of-the-line therapies. Focused on new and common patient concerns, the technology is tailored to fulfill every consumer’s skincare dream. Aerolase understands patients don’t just drive your business; they are your business.

Globally recognized and award-winning Aerolase devices are easy to learn, astoundingly powerful, and designed to let you deliver impactful results in entirely new ways. The Neo Elite 650-microsecond Nd:YAG & Era Elite 300-microsecond Er:YAG lasers come fully loaded right out of the box. Complete with the capability of addressing an incredible range of the most in-demand cleared indications, including acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and redness, and hair removal. Designed for everyday use, and ergonomically crafted for minimal weight and portability assisting you to operate smoothly regardless of your workspace.

"Aerolase was the first company’s devices I invested into when starting my practice. It offers my patients everything they need to prevent aging within a population where looks matter and their treatment experience with me means everything to keep them coming back." said, Dr. Roberta Del Campo Dermatologist Del Campo Dermatology & Laser Institute.

Physicians who treat skin of color patients are understandably concerned about the risk of complications. Plus, patients with skin of color may be reluctant to receive laser therapy due to the past risks of epidermal burns, scarring, and/or hypo- or hyperpigmentation—but that was then. The Neo Elite is a go-to laser for treating skin of color due to its unique energy delivery, permitting safe, effective, and tolerable treatment.

Aerolase prioritizes its customers’ patient experiences by ensuring quick and effective results, virtually painless treatments, and little to no downtime. With the ability to treat many indications with one-to-two devices, industry leaders can take on more patients while combining multiple therapies resulting in more revenue streams. It’s the unfortunate reality that many laser operators are left overlooked with minimal support after a new device is purchased. Aerolase is not only committed to providing the most powerful and applicable devices for aesthetic medicine, but also committed to partnering with its customers. With services ranging from onboarding, ongoing training and marketing support, an Aerolase ‘helping hand’ is available at all times.

Opening a practice or integrating a new device into your operations can be challenging. Aerolase has proven to combine the latest technology in skin care with modern patient expectations. Device versatility and unparalleled customer support differentiate Aerolase from the rest ensuring confidence and trust for every customer. Devices that deliver confidence for medical professionals and patients.


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