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Oftentimes acne is associated with being a cosmetic issue. However, if left untreated– it can lead to severe scarring and skin discoloration that patients can carry with them for a lifetime. That's why it's vital to treat your patient’s acne in a way that addresses the root causes, including inflammation, bacteria, oil production, while also addressing any residual scarring or discoloration.

New lasers have proven an effective treatment for acne because they reduce sebaceous glands’ excess sebum production that clogs pores and leads to inflammation and pimples. Most existing therapies have proven difficult for patient adherence, have undesired side effects or have limited clearance. New devices address excess sebum production, like isotretinoin, but do not address the full spectrum of issues acne presents for patients. Neo Elite by Aerolase® offers the full solution.

How Does Aerolase Laser Therapy Work to Treat Acne?

Aerolase has developed the most advanced device for laser skin health, FDA-cleared for mild to moderate acne, including inflammatory lesions of the face and body.

Aerolase’s Neo Elite selectively heats sebaceous glands without destroying them to reduce sebum output, helping reduce future acne breakouts. The laser also addresses existing breakouts by reducing inflammation, helping to clear skin, and reducing the risk of scarring. Once existing breakouts clear, the Neo Elite can then be used to address any post-inflammatory erythema or hyperpigmentation, aiding in clear, healthy skin.

Patients of all Fitzpatrick skin types suffering from mild to severe acne deserve a unique treatment plan. Aerolase has proven to be the leading solution for skin health, backed by clinical evidence and hundreds of success stories from around the globe. With the unique ease of use and life-changing results, there’s no question why Neo Elite has become so popular with medical professionals. Adding this technology to your business will ensure you meet and exceed your client's expectations regarding the treatment, experience and results of acne.

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