Versatility embodied. Body sculpting reimagined.

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Target and tailor treatments to patients’ specific goals with personalized body sculpting in as little as 30 minutes with noticeable results. No downtime.

Get ready to take fat reduction and muscle toning farther with a personalized approach to body sculpting with truBody. No patient is alike in their specific body shaping and toning goals. That’s why the complete truBody solution combines two award-winning technologies, truSculpt and truFlex, to deliver a customized, convenient and complete solution that addresses today’s in-demand treatments and delivers results with high patient satisfaction.

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truBody is the only customizable fat-reducing and muscle-toning aesthetic duo. Versatile and efficient, the complete truBody treatment can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. Offering an average 24% fat reduction1 per treatment area with truSculpt and up to 30% increase in muscle mass2 with truFlex, truBody is designed to help your practice reach its full potential. Go beyond your patients’ goals with the truBody Trim & Tone Protocol. This layered protocol combines 1 truSculpt treatment and 4 truFlex treatments so you can customize and optimize results for your patients in as little as one treatment series.


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