Platelet-rich Fibrin Improves Lip Lines

A single session of i-PRF+ injections resulted in significant lip rejuvenation with no significant change in lip volume.

One session of PRF injections noticeably rejuvenated the lip area.
One session of PRF injections noticeably rejuvenated the lip area.

Researchers in Austria and the U.K. have shared a potential new indication for platelet-rich fibrin (PRF): perioral rejuvenation. For their prospective, single-center study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (September 24, 2021), they treated 10 subjects with an injectable PRF preparation, know as i-PRF+.

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Each subject received a single intradermal injection of i-PRF+ in the upper and lower lips (5 ml in each quadrant, total ~2 ml). Participants were followed for three months post-procedure. The authors assessed outcomes both qualitatively through a subjective patient-reported outcome (FACE-Q) assessment and quantitatively by performing an objective 3D skin surface volume analysis (ProFace) at baseline and after three months.

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The FACE-Q scale scores showed statistically significant improvement from baseline. Satisfaction with lip lines also showed a numerical improvement. The treatment did not change overall lip volume, which was unchanged at the three month follow up. 

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