5 Insights into Patient Spending Habits during Holiday Seasons

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Patients spend more on neurotoxins during the holiday seasons.
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Qsight Aesthetics Tracker by Guidepoint analyzed survey-based data collected from U.S. aesthetics practitioners since 2007 to provide deep insight into patient behavior during the holiday seasons. The report suggests there is a peak demand for neurotoxins, light wave therapy and professional skin care during Q4, with consistent spending across generational gaps.

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1. Demand for Neurotoxins, Chemical Peels and Broadband Light Skin Rejuvenation

Per the report, neurotoxins, chemical peels, and broadband light skin rejuvenation typically generate their highest share of visits between October and December compared to the rest of the year.

Neurotoxin injection volumes increased in Q4, with 77% of practitioners claiming they increased injections month-over-month in November 2022 and 60% in December 2022. Many practitioners claim this trend is driven by the end of the holiday season, people returning from vacation and special promotions in the fourth quarter driving up visits and volumes.

In contrast, other treatments like radiofrequency and cryotherapy-based body contouring see volume declines between October and December, with their peak season being springtime, per the report. The months leading up to summer are a popular time for patients to seek out treatments that help them reach that enviable summer body.

2. A Rise in Per-visit Patient Spending on Light Wave Therapies

Patients are spending more per visit on light wave therapies between October and December. Qsight Aesthetics observed that volumes per visit are a factor driving this; patients are getting more areas of their body treated during this time, resulting in a higher cost per visit for these procedures. Patients receiving injectables are generally on a consistent, longer-term plan that requires regular visits to maintain the benefits.

3. Patients Vist More and Spend More on Professional Skin Care Products

Patients spend more on professional skin care in med spas and aesthetics practices during the holiday months in Q4, resulting in more occasions to purchase skin care. Further, patrons may be picking up extra skin care products as gifts for loved ones during the holidays.

4. Greater Discounting for Neurotoxins and Professional Skin Care

During the fourth quarter, there is reportedly heavier discounting for neurotoxin injections, professional skin care products and skin rejuvenation.

When surveyed about promotional activity during the holiday months, more than half of Qsight Aesthetics Tracker practitioners claim that promotional efforts in the holiday months contributed to sales of Neurotoxin injections around that time. Practices are taking advantage of timeliness and increased interest in aesthetic procedures during the holiday months and brand-led discounting and promotions, per the report.

5. Consistent Spending Patterns Across Generational Groups

The report indicates that the contribution to visits and spending by generation group in Q4 does not differ significantly from the rest of the year and the share of treatments and procedures by generational group does not vary significantly in the fourth quarter versus the rest of the year.

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