Practice Management

Dermal Fillers: Narrowing the Field

Stock the right mix of fillers for your patients' concerns.
Narrowing the Field

With more than 20 dermal fillers currently on the market in the United States and several more in the FDA pipeline, the question for practitioners is no longer, “Are my patients interested in these procedures?” Rather, the question has become, “How many of these fillers do I need to stock, and which ones offer the best results and value for my patients?”

Each filler offers its own unique characteristics. But, generally speaking, dermal fillers fall within categories based on their thickness—or G Prime—and mechanism of action as a volumizer or stimulator.

Practice Management: An Inside View

Mystery shopping is a valuable tool for enhancing sales and improving patient satisfaction. Here’s what it entails.
An Inside View

One of the most effective ways to truly understand how patients and prospective patients see your practice is through the eyes of a mystery shopper: someone who will measure and evaluate the overall customer experience at a practice. The ideal mystery shopper is an individual who not only understands how a practice is supposed to work, but also how a typical patient will see the practice during the intake and treatment process. The most valuable feedback will come from a shopper who represents the kind of person you would like to have as a patient.

MedSpa Support

MedSpa Support

Physicians who would like to add spa services and those who are interested in converting their clinical practices to a medspa environment may benefit from working with the professionals at the newly formed Universal Spa Equipment division of Universal Companies. A long-time supplier of esthetic devices, skincare products and spa consulting services, Universal is now helping business owners build out their ideal spa or medspa through consulting services, design services and a full line of products—including skin care, hydrotherapy, and even fitness and wellness equipment.

Practice Management: Front Desk Misses

Your front desk employees are the first point of contact for new patients. Their skills—both on the phone and in the waiting area—can help increase bookings and improve overall patient satisfaction. To help practices better train their front desk staff members, Laurie Mercer, senior practice consultant with Allergan, shared the most common mistakes made by front desk staff as part of her presentation at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) meeting in May. They include:

Practice Marketing: Beyond Five Stars

Follow the six R’s to boost your online presence and counteract negative online reviews.
Beyond Five Stars

Reading a negative online review of your practice can feel like a personal attack on you and your staff members. Not only is it hurtful, it is also scary. Practitioners often vacillate between anger and concern about what impact this very public rebuke will have on prospective patients. Their fears are supported by a recent study from Digital Assent showing that, for 72% of patients, negative reviews can be a deal breaker.

FDA: Safe & Effective

A glimpse inside the variety of FDA approvals awarded to medical products and what they mean for practitioners and patients.
Safe & Effective

New drugs and medical devices may be touted as FDA approved, but exactly what does that highly valued and oft-cited stamp of approval mean? It’s a question that’s sure to come up often for physicians as they consider whether to prescribe a new treatment for their patients or bring a medical device of their own design to the marketplace.

New Training System Receives Patent Approval

New Training System Receives Patent Approval

TruInject Medical Corporation has received U.S. Patent approval for its TruInject simulation training system, which includes a human head model and “smart” syringe to train physicians on proper injection. The system allows the trainee to receive real-time feedback about the injection–including how fast and how much he is injecting–and includes computer visuals that allow the trainee to “peel back” the model head layers to better understand the injection procedure in relation to the needle, skin, muscle, nerves and bone layers affected by the procedure.

Physician-Dispensed Inventory Management

Physician-Dispensed Inventory Management

Aesthetic skincare provider BrandMD has introduced StockMD, an inventory management system that helps practices improve the profitability of their physician-dispensed products. The software includes more than 2,000 products from 40 popular suppliers and can be accessed remotely through mobile devices and tablets. Practices can view and print sales and inventory reports; track individual purchasing histories; and manage patient reward programs. Once in place, StockMD helps practices identify sales trend and notifies buyers when its time reorder new product.