Practice Management

Hiring A Ghost

A professional ghostwriter can turn your insights into motivational web content.

Written content has become crucial to the success of a medical aesthetic practice. Book authorship, online blogs and websites that feature timely, informative articles on the latest cosmetic procedures impress prospective patients. However, creating frequent and high-quality content is a time-consuming challenge for physicians who already have a full-time job treating patients and managing a private practice.

Patient Care: Positive Outcomes

A little empathy and some learned skills can help you turn an angry patient into referrals.

Perhaps you’ve experienced one of these scenarios: You receive an angry email from a patient who hates the way she looks. You read a one-star review of your practice online that states, ‘stay away from this doctor!’ Your patient coordinator walks into your office, closes the door and tells you there is an outraged patient waiting to see you in reception.

Darshan and Milan Shah, MD: Brothers in Business

Darshan Shah, MD, and Milan Shah, MD, combined their specialties to create an “everything aesthetic” practice that is growing like gangbusters.
Drs. Milan and Darshan Shah

Facelift, filler or laser? At Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Bakersfield, California, patients can have it all. They may consult with plastic surgeon Darshan Shah, MD, about the pros and cons of plastic surgery. Then meet with Darshan’s younger brother, Milan Shah, MD, about laser treatments, injectables and chemical peels.

“Patients are offered all options, so they can be 100% secure in the decision they make,” says Milan, who runs Beautologie’s medspa. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’—there are always alternatives.”

Practice Management: 10 Ways To Become a Better Leader

Leaders make things happen. Followers wonder why things never get done.
10 Ways To Become a Better Leader

The conditions of any workplace start from the top down rather than from the bottom up. With this in mind, it is extremely important to review your strengths not only as a medical professional but as a practice leader as well. Although there are many different leadership styles, there are certain attributes that owners and managers must possess to effectively guide their teams.

Successful Delegation

Comprehensive training, familiarity with state regulations and patient communication are key to successfully integrating physician extenders.
Successful Delegation

The demand for noninvasive cosmetic procedures continues to grow, outpacing surgical procedures in plastic surgery practices and comprising a high percentage of the work performed in many dermatology practices. Also growing is the number of physicians delegating aesthetic procedures to registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs) and estheticians.

It's Your Line

Private label products are a natural fit for physicians who want to expand their brands.
Private Label Skin Care

Branding and marketing are key components to building a successful medical aesthetics practice. An investment in a private label, physician-branded skincare line that carries your logo is a logical extension of your practice’s offerings. You can choose the products and ingredients that you feel are most effective. Patients will need to purchase the products directly from your practice, which helps to build loyalty and provides more opportunities to cross-sell services. Additionally, private label products can offer a more attractive profit margin than branded lines.

Seizing the Wave

Lorrie Klein, MD, entered dermatology on the cusp of the cosmetic explosion to become one of the country's top injectors.
Seizing the Wave

Situated in the scenic, southern California town of Laguna Niguel, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is OC Dermatology and Euro Day Spa, home to one of the country’s top Botox Cosmetic and dermal filler injectors. Lorrie Klein, MD, founder of OC Dermatology, entered dermatology in 1989, several years before Botox and fillers became de rigeur among Southern California’s affluent citizens.

Cost Per Patient

Determining the cost to acquire and maintain a medical aesthetic patient is key to maximizing practice profitability.
Cost Per Patient

Is your practice profitable? Most medical aesthetic practices can answer this question quite easily. A review of accounting statements or tax returns will tell you if your operation is in the red or the black. But is each patient you treat profitable? And did the new dermal filler campaign you just completed bring the return on investment you originally estimated? For many practices, these questions are more difficult to answer.

Identifying Employment Status

The distinction between part-time and full-time employees isn’t always clear.

Your staff is the lifeblood of your practice. They are the first and last contact your patients have with your facility. They vary in age, gender, experience and definitely in personality. But they may also vary in their work statuses.
What may at first seem like a straightforward categorization of which associates work 40 or more hours each week and which ones work fewer hours is actually more nuanced. The following is a refresher on part-time and full-time rules as well as an introduction to the latest laws.

Defining Part-Time and Full-Time Employment