10 Factors to Discuss with Patients Considering a Breast Enhancement or BBL

An advanced fat transfer technique developed by Bill Johnson, M.D., offers the option of safer, more natural breast enhancements and brazilian butt lifts.
An advanced fat transfer technique developed by Bill Johnson, M.D., offers the option of safer, more natural breast enhancements and brazilian butt lifts.

Enhanced Fat Transfer Procedure for Natural Body Modification

Fat transfers are an appealing option for natural body modification. They are less invasive than implants, requiring no large incisions or use of general anesthesia. This makes fat transfers safer than traditional procedures and provide results that look and feel more natural.

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Previously, only 50-70% of fat cells survived transfer, providing less voluminous results for some. Innovations Medical has developed advanced technology that increases the amount of fat that survives transfer. This technology uses extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) to pre-treat the fat. This process increases the chance of fat survival after the transfer by activating the fat cells before they are transferred. In addition to boosting the transfer survival rate, this procedure is fast, painless and more financially feasible.

Enhanced BBL & Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation

Innovations Medical is the very first clinic to offer these two new procedures, the Enhanced Brazilian Butt Lift and the Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation. With the increasing popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), safer, more natural alternatives to the traditional procedure are vital to ensuring patient satisfaction and safety. These enhanced methods are less painful and provide patients with amazing, lasting results that require less monetary investment and recovery time. Cosmetic surgery, regardless of whether it is the risks, costs and recovery time involved or looking into alternatives to breast implants, is a major thing to consider.

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Board-certified physician and founder of the cosmetic surgery practice Innovations Medical, Bill Johnson, M.D., goes into the ten most important factors to discuss with your patient when considering these serious procedures.

10 Important Factors to Discuss With Patients:

  • Who is a good candidate for a breast augmentation or Brazilian butt lift?

“The ideal candidate for fat transfer would like to change the shape and/or size of their breasts and buttocks AND has an area with fat they would like to see reduced. These patients get a “2 for 1” — seeing self-esteem and confidence-building changes in both the area reduced (harvest area) and the area augmented,” says Johnson. “Many patients are happy with the shape of their bodies elsewhere but just want improvement in the breasts or buttocks. These individuals can still see very satisfactory results from fat taken from areas that already looked good but now look even better.”

  • Are there alternatives to implants?

“Fat transfer is an excellent alternative to implants. Fat transfer has already surpassed implants for buttock augmentation and rapidly increased its presence for breast augmentation. Fat transfer is also frequently used for facial rejuvenation – replacing cheek or lip implants.” 

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  • What’s the typical process for breast augmentation or Brazilian butt lift?

“Fat transfer begins with liposuction. This is done under local anesthesia and mild sedation. A fluid containing a local anesthetic is injected into the area to be liposuctioned and the area to be augmented. The liposuction is then performed, and the fat is collected in a sterile container. The fat is then separated from the fluid and injected into the area to be augmented using special cannulas (thin blunt tubes). The fat is never touched to keep it sterile,” Johnson explains.

  • How much does it cost?

“The cost of fat transfer depends on how many areas of liposuction are performed. This typically starts at $5,000-6000 for one liposuction area and one fat transfer area. It can be over $12,000 or more when fat transfer is combined with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).”

  • How long does it take to recover and see results?

According to Johnson, “Swelling and bruising in the area of liposuction are common. Mild swelling and bruising on the area receiving the fat transfer is most typical. In general, most buttocks and breasts do not swell or bruise badly. Fat transfer to the face results in significant swelling and bruising most of the time. Typically, bruising is gone in two weeks and swelling in six weeks, BUT that is still not your final result. Improvements will continue for at least 6 months.”

  • What are the risks?

“As with any surgery, liposuction and fat transfer carry some risks. Infection is rare but can happen. Unevenness, rippling, and loose skin can happen and require further treatment to resolve. Not all of the fat transferred will survive. The current widely used techniques result in 50-70% fat survival. Doing a “touch-up” or second fat transfer to the area within 6-12 months can see up to 90% of the second transferred fat surviving.”

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  • How can patients improve the chances of the surgery succeeding?

The Enhanced BBL (EBBL) and Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation (ENBA), introduced by Innovations Medical, is a special technique that adds pre-treatment of the harvest area with Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT).

Johnson adds to this explanation, “AWT has been shown to “activate” the fat by releasing special growth factors from the fat and turning on the stem cells in the areas. Growth factors are the chemical messengers our cells use to talk to each other. The growth factors released from fat help reduce inflammation and swelling in the augmented area and bring in the blood vessels and connective structures required for the fat to survive in its new home.”

  • What do you typically say to patients who are considering this type of procedure?

According to Johnson, the Enhanced BBL and Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation procedures are the cutting edge in buttock and breast enhancement procedures. These enhanced methods are quick, painless, safer and achieve lasting results that require less monetary investment and recovery time.

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