Regenica Serum Benefits Skin as Early as Two Weeks

A 90-day clinical study that evaluated Regenica Rejuvenating Dual Serum (Suneva Medical) for addressing signs of aging revealed statistically significant improvements as early as 14 days, with continued improvement seen at 90 days. Study parameters included reduction in the appearance of fine lines, an increase in brightness, skin radiance and improved appearance of skin firmness and blotchiness. The study showed 95% overall patient satisfaction and 87% of patients would recommend the serum to a friend.

The 90-day clinical study evaluated 40 women who were asked to use the serum on their entire face, twice daily. Patients reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, coarse wrinkles and blotchiness, as well as an improved appearance of skin brightness, radiance, firmness and elasticity. The primary efficacy endpoint was met for the investigator-assessed rating for overall facial skin appearance.

“In a short application time, statistically significant improvements were observed in the appearance of fine lines, firmness and overall skin radiance. Corneometry, a quantitative measure of skin hydration, showed statistically significant results as early as day 14 and continued through day 90,” said Zoe Draelos, MD, clinical and research dermatologist, and the study’s lead investigator.

The Rejuvenating Dual Serum is the brand’s flagship offering within the Regenica skincare line, developed to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and brightness, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The formula combines a 95% concentration of MRCx—a proprietary blend of growth factors, cytokines and proteins—and antiaging ingredients, including copper peptides, amino acids and antioxidants.

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