DermCheck, PACER and NIOT Join Forces for Bullying Prevention

DermCheck, PACER and NIOT Join Forces for Bullying Prevention

Online dermatology group DermCheck Dermatology has partnered up with PACER and Not In Our Town (NIOT), two nonprofit organizations, to promote National Bullying Prevention Month and increase awareness of acne bullying in schools.

As part of the campaign, DermCheck will offer free dermatology consultations to anyone in California struggling with acne, especially high school students. “The goal is to end acne in high schools. Less acne means less bullying, which means more self confidence,” explains Ben Behnam, MD, founder of DermCheck Dermatology. Users can use the service to see an online dermatologist and get prescriptions sent electronically to their pharmacy.

NIOT will be hosting Bullying Prevention Month Online Film Festivals, where it will launch a short film about standing up to bullying and intolerance each day. The festival includes a range of films that showcase young people taking a stand against bullying, anti-gay bigotry and all forms of hate.

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center directly collaborates with nonprofits, schools and community groups to share resources and awareness. Every year, PACER publishes a list of organizations that help promote bullying prevention in the community. The list can be found on PACER's “Become a Champion Against Bullying” page.

“I wish I had never experienced being bullied for my acne when I was younger, but with organizations like NIOT and PACER, we have a much better chance at preventing bullying from happening in our schools today,” said Dr. Behnam.

DermCheck Dermatology is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and on their website at

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