Neurotoxin Treatments and the Masseter Muscle

Jaw Line

A literature review performed by Rawaa M. Almukhtar, MD, and Sabrina G. Fabi, MD, and published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (January 2019) revealed that botulinum toxin injections to the masseter muscle effectively recontour the lower face and may reduce aging-related maxillary concerns.

The researchers performed a PubMed search for articles on botulinum toxin type A treatments to the masseter, which included treatment for muscle hypertrophy and aging-related changes to the lower face. Their findings showed that botulinum toxin type A can safely be injected into the lower posterior aspect of the masseter muscle. All adverse events cited were minimal and short lasting. Aesthetically, the treatment decreases muscle bulk and reshapes the lower face. The studies also showed improvement in quality-of-life measures, such as a decrease in pain and symptoms of grinding and jaw clenching. The injections decreased stress on the maxillary and mandibular bones and may help prevent tooth loss and progressive bone resorption of the lower face.

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