Drew Barrymore New Spokesperson for the BTL EMSCULPT

BTL has announced a partnership with actress and lifestyle mogul, Drew Barrymore, to promote the company’s noninvasive fat-reducing and muscle-defining EMSCULPT treatment. Through her partnership with EMSCULPT, Barrymore will share her treatment experience and results with media and on her social media channels. She incorporated the high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology into her wellness and fitness regimen to give her already healthy lifestyle an extra boost and take her workouts to the next level.

“After having my daughters my body changed and my core strength was turned upside down,” said Barrymore. “EMSCULPT was ideal for me as it complemented my current routine, which consists of a mix of dance cardio and Pilates to target my core muscles specifically. A little over a month post-treatment, I can visibly see the results and can tell a difference in my workouts—I feel that my core is much more engaged, improving my workouts and motivating me to push myself even further.”

“We're thrilled to have Drew Barrymore on board as EMSCULPT's first celebrity ambassador,” said John Ferris, VP of U.S. Marketing for BTL. “She embodies our mission of boosting patients’ strength and confidence. Connecting her voice to our brand will help to further educate consumers and physicians about the benefits of EMSCULPT.”

For more information, visit www.emsculpt.com.

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