Cynosure Launches FlexSure Device

Temp Flex

Cynosure has launched FlexSure, the first wrappable radiofrequency (RF) applicator, allowing for a hands-free treatment for skin tightening on all skin types. FlexSure is the latest addition to TempSure, Cynosure’s 300-watt platform and the industry's first wrappable radiofrequency (RF) applicator for flexible, hands-free, noninvasive RF treatments.

FlexSure has peel-and-stick single-use applicators that deliver deep tissue heating treatments to multiple body parts: abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttock, thighs and above the knees. The applicators are available in multiple sizes and treatments are done in 15 minutes. 

"The new FlexSure applicator makes reaching those hard-to-treat areas easier than ever," said Raminder Saluja, MD, of Saluja Cosmetic & Laser Center. "With its flexible design, I am able to simply peel, stick and deliver consistent and efficient treatments to patients of all sizes and skin types, completely hands-free."

"As practitioners ready themselves for a post-pandemic world, we at Cynosure are committed to driving innovation forward and delivering best-in-class technology like FlexSure that not only meets our growing base of consumer needs, but practitioner needs as well, helping them to maximize both time with each patient and resources to remain productive and profitable," said Todd Tillemans, CEO of Cynosure. "Created with these considerations and the insight we've gleaned from our recent survey, "The Return of Aesthetic Patients Post COVID-19," the FlexSure device is the ideal product for practices to integrate as its single-use, disposable applicators help meet the needs expressed by consumers for more hygienic treatment options." 

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