Galderma Raising Awareness of Healthier Work Environments

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On April 28, Galderma participated in the United Nations World Day for Safety and Health at Work to help raise awareness and stimulate dialogue on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. The event focuses attention on how creating a culture safety and health can help reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

Globally, Galderma’s offices and sites participated in ways that worked best for their regional and business context. The company notes that health and safety needs may vary, for example,  whether they are a factory, office building or affiliate. This led to an array of events and actions with many sites including COVID-related topics such as positive mental health and the ergonomics of working from home. Other themes included fire safety, first aid and healthy eating.

“In 2016 we set employee health and safety as a key priority across our markets and sites,” says Cécile Dussart, VP operations and the executive sponsor of ESG at Galderma. “We are very pleased to say that both number of injuries and frequency have since been reduced by almost three quarters. By taking part in the UN World Day for Safety and Health, we share our commitment with the world. Importantly, our employees know we care and we will not lose momentum on these types of gains. We recognize and commend their efforts to make this possible and we actively support their initiatives.”

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