Cynosure Launches its ‘Perfect Blend Finder’ to Address Personal Skin Concerns

Cynosure devices and Energy Blends
Cynosure devices and Energy Blends
Courtesy of @cynosurelasers

Cynosure has launched its Perfect Blend Finder, a quiz that enables consumers and providers to identify the ideal Energy Blends that are right for them.

Energy Blends are complementary treatments that work in tandem to address multiple skin concerns, in one protocol. 

To help its users, Cynosure launched its most user-friendly website to date, featuring its innovative treatment finder quiz.

Perfect Blend Finder quiz will identify the right Energy Blends protocol based on the consumers’ specific needs.

“We’re simplifying the user experience and helping our providers and consumers to more easily find the perfect blend of treatments by Cynosure from our Energy Blends toolkits,” said Todd Tillemans, CEO of Cynosure. “Our next-generation approach to aesthetics treatments further cements our positioning as a category leader committed to continued innovation that addresses the needs of providers and consumers.”

Each Energy Blends treatment uses B.E. Beautiful Energy skincare, Cynosure’s pre- and post-treatment topicals designed to complement laser and energy-based treatments. 

Energy Blends treatments include:

  • PICOSURE/PRO + Potenza Microneedling + B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare: With three ground-breaking synergistic technologies layered together, this treatment combines the complementary effects of laser, radiofrequency microneedling and topicals to effectively target signs of aging at once, while also boosting collagen and elastin production with the addition of topicals for post-treatment use at home.

  • TEMPSURE ENVI + Potenza Microneedling + B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare: Combining two radiofrequency treatments layered together with topicals creates this high–tech, results-driven formula that delivers aesthetic optimization without surgery. The power of TempSure Envi to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combined with Potenza to tighten and firm, delivers remarkable results in just one treatment.

  • MyEllevate + Potenza Microneedling + B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare: This expertly curated toolkit of ground-breaking technologies works synergistically to create an instant alternative to a face and neck lift with results that last for years. The blend leverages the depth and breadth of proven Cynosure technologies and modalities layered together for the most comprehensive results.

  • Tempsure Envi/ Icon Max G/ B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare: Created specifically for eye care providers, this blend combines proven Cynosure technologies for comprehensive eye enhancements. It blends radiofrequency heat treatments to stimulate and remodel collagen and elastin production with intense pulsed light laser and topicals to treat the reds, browns, and texture of the delicate skin surrounding the eye. 

“In the right candidate, Energy Blending allows me to achieve optimal patient outcomes in less treatments,” said Dr. Diane Quibell, MD. “Each blend is personalized to target multiple concerns in a single session. As an example, PicoSure treats melanin and builds dermal collagen with the focus lens, the Max G targets vessels and the Potenza targets the deeper dermis for skin firming/tightening.” 

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