Top 10 Exosome Treatment Advances Taking Over Aesthetics [Survey Results]

89% of readers are considering adding exosome therapy to their service offerings! Here are the top ten exosome treatment advances shaping the future of aesthetics.
89% of readers are considering adding exosome therapy to their service offerings! Here are the top ten exosome treatment advances shaping the future of aesthetics.
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Regenerative aesthetics is taking center stage in the medical aesthetics industry as advances in regenerative medicine capable of literally turning back the biological clock continue to rapidly expand. One of the biggest stars when it comes to regerative aesthetics is exosomes , which have incredible potential for enhancing the healing of tissue, making these powerful little vesicles a gamechanger for numerous areas of aesthetics, including skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments, tissue regeneration and remodeling, hair restoration, scar treatments, various skin conditions, topical skin care and much more. Exosomes contain nearly three times the amount of growth factors as adult stem cells, reportedly containing nearly three times the amount of growth factors as adult stem cells.

The emergence of exosomes has expanded the possibilities of regenerative aesthetics and pushed innovation in treatments as well as products that are advancing the area of regenerative aesthetics even further. If you’ve read our previous articles about exosomes and Dr. Jordan Plews' work on developing Elevai’s PREx (precision regenerative exosome) technology, you know that while they may be small in size, exosomes pack a powerful punch. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles within cells that contain the vital “message” created inside cells to be sent and communicate with other cells, directing them to act or function in a certain way. When put under the right conditions, cells can be provoked into creating a specific message, such as directing other cells to regenerate, that exosome containing this “message” can then be extracted and used to directly communicate this message to other cells. Exosomes can be used alone, topically, or combined with various energy-based treatments and biostimulators to work together and enhance results.       

In our recent survey which asked, Are you considering adding exosome therapy to your service offerings? 89% of readers said yes and 11% said no.

With the growing interest in regenerative aesthetics and the powerful potential of exosomes to enhance numerous aesthetic treatments, utilizing exosomes in aesthetic treatments and offering exosome therapy to patients is necessary for any industry professional wishing to provide the best possible treatment options available and remain competitive in the evolving landscape of regenerative aesthetics. Here are ten informative MedEsthetics articles to help you do just that.

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