Collagenil System Elements Customizable Peeling Kit Promotes Firmer and Glowing Skin

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Collagenil System Elements is a customizable peeling system that promotes firmer and glowing skin. The kit is exclusively modular and customizable to allow the professional to safely manage a personalized treatment plan in four stages, which can smooth and enrich the skin, giving an even, youthful and luminous appearance.

The combined, customizable collection was selected after thorough research and rigorous examinations. Collagenil System Elements are targeted, comprehensive skin care solutions formulated from powerful active ingredients and complex molecules evaluated through extensive analysis and clinical research. Each combination of Collagenil Elements is conceived and designed to deliver visible results in a short time.

Collagenil System Elements

Whitening Complex 35%

Elements W35 is a combination peel dedicated to the treatment of skin with level III photo-aging and hyperpigmentation dermal pigmentation. Thanks to its deep lightening and brightening activity, it immediately renews skin tone for an even and radiant appearance.

Anti Spot Complex 25%

Elements A25 is a combined peel with depigmenting action useful in countering the reappearance of skin discolorations, destocking melanin accumulations, and giving uniformity to the complexion. This effective formula is ideal for treating localized or diffuse mild hyperpigmentation and photoexposure spots.

Purifying Complex 35%

Elements P35 is an exfoliating agent-based peel for impure and oily skin that helps to efficiently eliminate dead cells, unclog pores deeply and remove excess sebum, even in acne-prone skin. It helps to Progressively reduce persistent imperfections and prevent their reappearance.

Revitalizing Complex 25%

Elements R25 is a combination peel with anti-aging activity. A useful treatment for enhancing cellular activity by cueing the skin’s natural ability to increase collagen and elastin production. Indicated for skin with level I and II photo-aging and for the prevention of photo-aging of young skin.

TC Peel 2

Chemical peel with a high concentration of trichloroacetic acid, 20%, which acts at the level of the entire thickness of the epidermis, with the aim of treating moderate to severe acne lesions (papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts) and outcomes resulting scarring.

Pre Peeling

Preparatory solution to stabilize and equalize skin pH before a chemical peel.    

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