Evoke Hands-Free RF Effectively Tightens Skin

woman with nice jawline
Evoke effectively contours the lower third.

Researcher Erez Dayan, MD, Anne Chapas, MD, Joseph Marte, MD, Christopher Chia, MD, and Spero Theodorou, MD, performed a prospective study to assess the saftey and efficacy of a hands-free thermoregulated bipolar radiofrequency device for face and neck contouring (Evoke, InMode). 

The peer reviewed study, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open (March 2022) found that the device demonstrated significant advances in the control and delivery of radiofrequency (RF) for aesthetic purposes. 

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The multicenter (New York, Nevada) IRB-approved study evaluated a total or 34 healthy patients who were looking for correction of their lower face and neck laxity. The researcher's primary objective was to evaluate the saftey and soft tissue remodeling pretreatment and at one, three and six months post treatment. 

Assessments were made using blind evaluators, 3D photographic analysis and volumetric measurements. Investigator and subject assessments were obrained using a 0-4 point Likert scale. 

For the 34 patients the average age was 38, BMI 27, Baker Face & Neck Classification 2.6 and Fitzpatrick type 2.4. The mean treatment time was 41 minutes with a temperature of 42-43°C. 

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At the one month and three month follow-up there was a significant improvement in skin appearance, overall satisfaction and investigator improvement perception. Volumetric data showed an average change of -3.2 cm2 per side for the cheek applicator and -4.1cm2 for the submental applicator.

The authors noted that the device is able to concentrate thermal energy consistently at a depth that allows for fibroseptal network tightening to improve lower third of face and submental soft tissue contraction. 

“This foundational study showcases the safety and efficacy of Evoke, and highlights its ability to deliver exceptional results," says Spero Theodorou, MD, CMO of InMode and plastic surgeon. 

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