Liposuction/Laser Skin Tightening vs. Brachioplasty for Arm Contouring

Arm contouring
Liposuction/laser skin therapy combination treatment for arm contouring.

In comparing conventional open suction-assisted brachioplasty (using the Pascal and Le Louarn procedure) to combined liposuction/laser skin tightening treatments for contouring the arms, researchers found no significant differences between the two treatments. 

Researchers Mina Fayek, MD, et. al, published their findings in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (May 2022), stating that liposuction/laser skin tightening was a safe and effective alternative to brachioplasty. 

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The study included 30 patients (28 women, two men) with moderate brachial ptosis (severe upper arm adiposity and a moderate degree of skin laxity, grade 2b arm ptosis per El Khatib classification). When evaluating arm circumference reduction ratio and percentage of ptosis elimination (objective measurements) between the two treatments there were no statistically significant differences. 

Patient satisfaction scores were higher with the liposuction/laser skin tightening treatment (p < 0.05). These patients reported less pain and earlier return to work. 

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Combination liposuction/laser skin tightening proved to be a safe and effective alternative to open suction-assisted brachioplasty in patients with severe arm adiposity and moderate brachial ptosis. Researchers emphasized that proper patient selection is critical for the success of this treatment strategy and requires precise clinical analysis as described. 

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