Light-Guided Percutaneous Neck Rejuvenation as a Safe & Viable Option for Improving Neck Contours

woman preparing for neck contour procedure
Light-guided percutaneous suture suspension could provide a major advance for minimally invasive neck rejuvenation.

Light-Guided Percutaneous Suture Suspension

A study in the November 2022 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal confirmed that light-guided percutaneous suture suspension is a safe and viable option for improving neck contours with predictable results and a low risk of complications. The technique could provide a major advance for minimally invasive neck rejuvenation.

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The study analyzed patients who underwent light-guided percutaneous suture suspension with five surgeons across four aesthetic plastic surgery practices from January 2018 through May 2022. Criteria for inclusion in the study were mild to moderate neck laxity, prominent anterior platysma bands and a desire to improve neck contour. A total of 391 patients meeting the criteria were identified.

Among those 391 patients, four of them (1%) developed an infection at the suture site, one resolving on antibiotics and three requiring suture removal. Around 5% (18 patients) developed recurrent platysmal bands, and almost 2% (seven patients) had residual loose skin. Another four patients experienced transient marginal mandibular neuropraxia. The mean length of follow-up time was 240 days.

The study also noted that since the procedure does not address extensive skin laxity or excess submental fat, it can be combined with energy-based tissue tightening, submental liposuction or skin excision.

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