Body Treatment Topical Superior to Bland Moisturizer

Woman applying lotion to arm
The treatment topical outperformed a bland moisturizer in the randomized, comparative study.

A topical body treatment provided improved skin elasticity and thickness when compared to a bland moisturizer in a study by Jean Carruthers, MD, et al, published online in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (April 2, 2021).

The prospective, randomized, comparative study was designed to assess the efficacy of TransFORM Body Treatment (TFB, Alastin Skin Care) in skin rejuvenation compared to a bland moisturizer.

Blinded subjects were given two products to apply on the designated extensor and volar forearms. Outcomes were assessed at four, eight and 12 weeks after commencement of topical use. The researchers measured skin thickness, roughness and recoil using photography, dermatopathology, cutaneous elasticity by two separate devices and patient reported outcomes.

The treatment arms showed significant reduction in roughness and increase in recoil velocity compared to the control. The change in skin retraction speeds was -3.25 ms for bland moisturizer and -20.08 ms for TFB on the volar forearm and -2.17 ms for bland moisturizer and -10.83 ms for TFB on the extensor.

Histology showed an increase in mucopolysaccharide content, new collagen and increase in elastin fibers in the papillary dermis in the treatment areas. Change in Rao-Goldman score for facial aging was -0.17 for bland moisturizer and -0.33 for TFB on the volar and -0.08 for bland moisturizer and -0.17 for TFB on the extensor.

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