Top Sun Care Trends in 2024

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More consumers are using sunscreen.
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Mintel reports that the U.S. sun care and skin protection market increased by an estimated 7.4% in 2023. Consumers are using more sun care and skin protection, with 44% saying they applied skin protection more this year than they did a year ago. Over three-quarters of consumers wear some form of skin protection and the majority of these consumers wear protection year-round.

Consumers Focus on Comfort and Sustainability

Gen Z consumers’ purchase considerations lean notably towards sensation and beautification. The product texture of sun care is important to 39% of Gen Z consumers, only one percentage point behind the level of sun protection.

More than three-quarters of sunscreen users would pay more for sunscreen with facial skin care ingredients or benefits, as evident in the popularity of SPF moisturizers. Per the report, 34% of U.S. adults say they are making more of an effort to buy sun care products that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Mintel expects brands in the global sun care industry to promote broad-spectrum sunscreens by highlighting the risks of visible light and infrared (IR) in addition to UVA/UVB. Additionally, there will be an improvement to expand the functionality of sun care, such as enhancing the sensory properties of sun care products by using ingredients with different particle shapes, resulting in ultra-light formulations that aren’t sticky or greasy, per the report.

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Regional Consumer Trends

In Asia, consumers seek convenient, functional and durable sun protection solutions, with scope for more disruptive full-coverage patch formats. A gap exists for more sunscreen innovation with anti-acne claims, given interest among acne-prone consumers and concern that sunscreen may worsen spots/acne. Per the report, 45% of Chinese women are interested in suncare products with added skin care benefits.

Concerns about the safety of ingredients used in sunscreen can inspire more non-nano claims/NPD in the European suncare category. User-friendly applicators and formats can expand and focus on protecting overlooked skin/body areas (when applying sunscreen) such as the scalp, ears and lips.

Mintel reports that 89% of UK female consumers say concerns about skin cancer encourage them to use sun protection products and 67% of Italian suncare users tend to forget to apply sunscreen to specific areas.

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Other regional data in the report includes 22% of Indian sun care users aged 35-44 showing interest in trying innovative sun care formats that are easy to apply.

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