Iraq War Soldier Inspires Skincare Formulators

Innovative Skincare COO Alec Call and CEO Bryan Johns with soldier Linda Lee

Skin care and the military are two terms rarely associated with each other. Yet, thanks to an unexpected request from Chief Warrant Officer-3 Linda Lee, these two worlds have collided, resulting in an innovative new product. While stationed in Iraq in 2009, Lee wrote a letter to Innovative Skincare ( requesting a recommendation for a hydrating cleanser that could remove the sweat and grime of the soldiers’ desert climate, even when they had no access to water. “We were so touched by her letter that R&D got right to work on making a cleanser she and other soldiers could use under these conditions,” said Sean Francis, PR coordinator for Innovative Skin Care. The result of their efforts is the new iS Clinical Cream Cleanser, a lightweight, moisturizing cleanser that can be wiped or rinsed off.
On Wednesday, February 9, Alec Call, COO of Innovative Skincare, and CEO Bryan Johns traveled to Savannah, Georgia, to hand-deliver the very first bottle of Gentle Cleanser to active-duty soldier Lee. Prior to the presentation, Lee received a complimentary facial and makeover at Savannah-based Glow Medical Spa. Johns and Call also took this opportunity to present a check for $5,000 to Stars for Stripes, a non-profit organization that ships gift and brings entertainers to the troops. In honor of Lee, the company has pledged to donate a portion of all future Cream Cleanser profits to Stars for Stripes.
-Inga Hansen, executive editor

Photo: Innovative Skincare COO Alec Call (left) and CEO Bryan Johns presented soldier Linda Lee with the new Cream Cleanser

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