Jason Champagne, MD, Specializes in Natural-Looking Facial Contouring for Zoom-Hesitant Patients

Dr. Champagne is renowned for his sophisticated facial contouring and filler treatments.
Dr. Champagne is renowned for his sophisticated facial contouring and filler treatments.

By now, the significant effect social and virtual platforms like Zoom are having on aesthetic beauty trends and people’s self-esteem is well-known. The growing pervasiveness of remote work and the virtual meetings it requires has people paying closer attention to how they look on camera, increasing demand for facial fillers and injectables. 

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Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Jason Champagne, MD, has responded to this increased interest by catering to Zoom-hesitant patients with his fine-tuned facial contouring and filler treatments. Known for his ultra-refined results and first-class treatment of his patients, Dr. Champagne focuses on providing a naturally youthful look that gives patients a younger, fresher appearance. He offers a number of customized facial contour filler injectables that can give the desired effect and long-lasting results in just a few treatments, enhancing a patient’s natural beauty and helping them “look more like themselves.”

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“Customized facial contouring treatments are our specialty,” said Dr. Champagne. “The procedures are good for anyone in their 20s and older. We can give you volume in areas including cheekbones and under the eyes. The most popular filler procedure is to plump up the lips, creating a more youthful appearance. The strategic use of and injectables can also enhance lower facial features like the chin, the jawline and can modify the angles of your jaw.”

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