The New Graduated Approach to Skin Revitalization and Resurfacing

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Skin revitalization and resurfacing are booming trends in the aesthetics world driven by the desire for minimally invasive procedures with proven outcomes. Secret by Cutera offers physicians a chance to meet the demand with a graduated approach to skin revitalization and resurfacing via a family of products that offer contemporary aesthetic practices the opportunity to build their armamentarium of devices.

Secret RF is perfect for practices looking to introduce radio frequency microneedling (RFMN) with treatments that can be delegated to staff. Secret PRO combines RFMN and CO2 for collagen stimulation and skin resurfacing while the newly introduced Secret DUO provides dynamic facial revitalization with RFMN and a non-ablative 1540 nm Er:Glass laser suitable for various skin types with minimal downtime.

Nina Deep of Nina Deep, MD Aesthetics uses Secret RF for skin revitalization and scar reduction. “We use the device to reduce acne scars, improve texture and tone and decrease pore size, and it is exceptionally effective at remodeling scar tissue.1,2,3 Secret RF is intelligently designed with customizable settings so I can tailor treatments to meet the needs of each individual patient.”

Stephen Ronan, M.D., FACS, of Blackhawk Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, emphasizes the speed, versatility and minimal downtime of Secret PRO. “The RF combination of shorter pulses and fast protrusion and protraction rates of the pins results in quick treatments and localized damage in the skin, which means less downtime. The fractional CO2 increases efficacy of the treatments. My patients are active and require little to no downtime so they are excited about the ease of the procedures and the results achieved in a single treatment with minimal downtime.”

Nonsurgical aesthetic treatments remain in demand, making multi-treatment platforms a standard for today’s aesthetic physicians. Secret by Cutera's family of products provide effective and safe solutions for aesthetic practices of all types and levels.

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