The Most Popular Men's Cosmetics Trends in 2023

man receiving botox injection
Men are continuing to invest in their appearance, from buying premium skin care to aesthetic-based cosmetic procedures

The men’s skin care products market is projected to reach $28.345 billion by 2029, growing at a double-digit CAGR through the forecast period, according to a research study from Future Market Insights

Some factors in the men's cosmetics industry that are driving market growth include a growing demand for anti-aging products and skin care formulated for men, a high demand for organic and natural skin care products and growing trends in men's cosmetic surgery.

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Premiumization of Men's Skin Care

Per Future Market Insights, Europe will be a significant region for men's skin care due to a high concentration of beauty manufacturers in the region. In 2021, ~37% of the world’s skincare products were launched in the United Kingdom, followed by the U.S. with ~25%, and France, close to ~15%. The clean beauty movement and microbiome skin care have gained momentum in Europe, which propels the beauty and personal care market growth.

The high demand for organic products will be one of the key attributes driving the global men’s skincare products market growth. Oily skin issues in men remain the top revenue generator, while sensitive skin concerns are potentially a rapidly emerging category to invest in, according to the report.

Product premiumization was identified in the report as the latest trend in the men’s skin care products market. Natural and organic skin care products with natural extracts in attractive packaging are being classified under the premium category to strengthen company's portfolios and capitalize on economic growth in developing countries.

Forehead Reduction

One of the biggest trends in men's health is addressing premature hair loss. Forehead reduction, otherwise called hairline lowering, is a trending surgical procedure used to reduce the vertical width of the forehead. A forehead reduction is performed by removing excess skin along the hairline and pulling the hairline lower. The scar caused by the incision is easily hidden in the hairline, making this a desirable alternative for patients who wish to narrow the appearance of their forehead and adjust their hairlines.

Male Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure for men and is expected to continue trending in 2023. Aside from the location of where the fat is removed from being different, male liposuction is done in the same way that liposuction is performed on women. Male liposuction most often focuses on the removal of fat from the lower abdomen and love handles, but fat can also be removed from the chest, back and shoulders via liposuction. 

Penile Enhancement

Penile enhancement involves injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the penile shaft and glans to increase the penis’ width and add a small amount of length to the penis in some cases. Treatments start at around $15,000. Like facial filler, it requires maintenance, which costs around $7,000 per session. Other than some bruising and swelling, the recovery process is predictable and fast, allowing sexual activity to resume within one week of the procedure. 

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