Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of MatriDerm Collagen-Elastin Template

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The study highlights MatriDerm's role in reducing operating room time and eliminating donor site morbidities associated with traditional flap procedures.
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The effectiveness of MatriDerm was demonstrated in a clinical study conducted at the University Medical Center in Dresden, Germany. MatriDerm is a dermal template manufactured by MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack, AG. The unique collagen-elastin-template serves as a dermal replacement scaffold and can be applied both in a One- and Multi-Step Procedure. The study highlights MatriDerm's role in reducing operating room time, avoiding flap surgery in up to 80% of cases and eliminating donor site morbidities associated with traditional flap procedures.

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The economic implications of MatriDerm's application identified in the study are significant. By reducing operating room time and the necessity for flap surgeries, hospitals and healthcare facilities can allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved patient outcomes.

Patients benefit from a reduction in the risk of complications that are typical for flap surgery and a quicker return to their daily lives, underscoring MatriDerm's value in patient care.

Jason Gugliuzza, vice president and head of medcare division, said, "MatriDerm has been engineered to support the body's natural healing process, providing a scaffold for cell ingrowth and skin regeneration. This not only accelerates recovery but also significantly reduces the need for more invasive and costly surgical interventions. This study is truly significant in not only impacting clinical practice but also underlining the economic benefits of MatriDerm."

Author of the study and head of the plastic surgery department at the University Medical Center, professor Dragu, said, "Flap surgery, while effective, comes with its own set of challenges, including donor site morbidity, extended recovery times and the need of major personnel resources. MatriDerm's ability to avoid complex flap surgery in most cases of this published specific morbid patient group represents a major shift in current treatment paradigms. This offers the patients a less invasive but comparable and successful reconstructive result."

Diana Ferro, CEO of Medskin Solutions Dr Suwelack, said: "MatriDerm is not just a dermal matrix; it's a solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of soft tissue reconstruction. Its economic and medical benefits align with our commitment to improving patient outcomes while supporting healthcare systems around the world."

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