Pagani Cryo Star 6.0 Static Uses Touchless Technology for Automated Sessions

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Pagani's Cryo Star 6.0 static is an automated touchless technology that can multi-task with either the 32mm facial wand or the 50mm body wand while the client receives an automated session. The 32 mm wand is used on the face, neck and decollete to tighten, tone, lift and reduce inflammation, lines and wrinkles, The larger 50 mm body wand with a uniquely crafted offset handle can be used on the body to perform fat, cellulite, scar/stretchmark reduction and skin rejuvenation. Cryo Star static is distributed exclusively in the U.S. market by Skin Science Solutions.  

Key Features:

  • 4 static pads for automated fat, cellulite, drainage and toning sessions
  • A 32mm facial wand
  • A 50mm Body Wand w/offset handle
  • Multi-task with either wand while client receives automated session
  • Built-in Tutorial Videos
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Client Data Storage
  • Create and Store Custom Programs

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