Galderma Recieves Approval for Restylane SHAYPE in Canada

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Restylane SHAYPE is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable designed for temporary augmentation of the chin region.
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Galderma has announced that it has received approval from Health Canada for Restylane SHAYPE, a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable designed for temporary augmentation of the chin region. It is engineered to build and shape on bone with deep injection for a bone-mimicking effect.

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The chin is a critical component of overall appearance that influences the balance of facial proportions, profile and shape. Genetics and age can impact overall chin definition, which may cause the appearance of a double chin. For decades, there has been a heavy reliance on implants to create structure in the lower face, with no non-surgical options available offering qualities close to an implant, per Galderma.

Powered by the company's NASHA HD technology, Restylane SHAYPE has the highest G’ (“G prime”) of the Restylane range. It allows aesthetic injectors to shape, project and elongate the chin for natural-looking results from any angle. As a minimally modified and particularly firm HA gel, Restylane SHAYPE is the injectable closest to the HA naturally found in skin and can be readily reversed, per the company.

In a 12-month study conducted at nine sites across Canada and cited by Galderma, 91% of patients agreed they still had aesthetic improvements at 12 months and 84% of patients would agree to be treated with Restylane SHAYPE  again. Up to 97% of patients would recommend treatment with Restylane SHAYPE to a friend and 95% of patients felt their results looked natural.

Baldo Scassellati Sforzolini, M.D., Ph.D., global head of R&D at Galderma, said, “Restylane SHAYPE is the next generation in HA, going beyond currently available options for chin augmentation. Developed with leading experts, this innovative breakthrough has a unique ability to create the strength and support needed for a bone-mimicking effect. This makes Restylane SHAYPE an ideal choice for lower face shaping, offering durable, natural-looking results for up to 12 months without retreatment.”

Andreas Nikolis, M.D., Ph.D., board-certified plastic surgeon and principal investigator of the study, said, “A product with a significant ability to create a bone-mimicking effect without the downtime of surgery has long been an unmet need, highlighted by the community of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic injectors all over the world. The development of the ideal gel required a significant increase in firmness to create the strength and support needed to shape the lower face. Now, through meticulous clinical evaluation, Galderma has achieved the development of a safe and effective HA injectable for chin remodeling.”

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