Optimize Your Patient Base

Optimize your patient base

Cheryl Whitman, author and owner of Beautiful Forever Consulting, offers practitioners three steps to cost effectively build their patient bases.
Ask for Referrals. There is no marketing tool more powerful than a recommendation from a satisfied patient. Yet physicians are often reluctant to ask for referrals. Create an office protocol where satisfied patients are asked to write a short testimonial about their experiences, record a brief video or even take cards to share with their friends.
Reward Referrals. Give satisfied patients an incentive to spread the word to family and friends. Offer those who refer new patients discounts on future services or even free homecare products or treatments.
Cross Sell Existing Patients. The hardest buying decision in cosmetic medicine is the first procedure. Once a patient has a positive experience, she is likely to become curious about other procedures. Promote services in your reception area and through e-newsletters and direct mail to your current patient base.

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