7 Most Common Risks of Lip Fillers

Nash Injections by Hannah
Hannah Morse, RN, identifies some of the most common risks associated with lip filler injections.
Photo courtesy of Nash Injections by Hannah

Lip fillers are a standard treatment in aesthetic medicine to enhance lip volume, correct unevenness and many other reasons related to one's confidence in their lips. Fillers can also be used for reconstructive purposes like repairing damage from accidents or surgeries. 

Hannah Morse, RN, an advanced nurse injector and founder of Nash Injections by Hannah, shares some of the risks associated with botched lip filler injections.

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Morse notes that the reasons for getting lip fillers can differ from person to person. A skilled, reputable injector will always prioritize patients' well-being and aesthetic goals and will never insist on excessive fillers or dismiss the potential risks associated with migration. Qualified medical professionals should help guide patients through the process to achieve their specific goals safely and effectively.

The results of bad lip filler can vary depending on the severity of the issue and the specific circumstances. Experiencing overfilled or uneven results from lip fillers can be disappointing and, at times, uncomfortable. Morse identified some of the most common consequences of poorly administered lip filler.

1. Unnatural Appearance

Morse said one of the most noticeable results of bad lip filler is an unnatural or disproportional look that causes lips to appear overly large, misshapen or uneven.

2. Lumps and Bumps

Poor injection techniques can lead to the formation of lumps, bumps or irregularities in the lips, which can be both visually and physically uncomfortable.

3. Migration

When the filler material moves from its original placement, it can distort the face and create unintended volume in other areas.

4. Swelling and Bruising

Bad filler injections can result in excessive swelling and bruising, which can take some time to resolve.

5. Pain and Discomfort

Some individuals may experience pain or discomfort due to the filler's presence, especially if it has been injected improperly.

6. Infections and Allergic Reactions

Morse said that in rare cases, bad filler injections can lead to infections or allergic reactions, further complicating the situation.

7. Psychological Impact

Beyond the physical consequences, bad lip filler results can have a psychological impact, leading to decreased self-esteem and self-confidence.

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