FTC Warns Novo Nordisk on Inaccurate Patents for Ozempic

semaglutide is a hormone that is used as a medication for improve blood sugar
Ozempic is one of the biggest trends in prescription medication.
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Ethical dilemmas are beginning to surround Ozempic and its manufacturer Novo Nordisk, yet the drug is only gaining in popularity. The diabetes drug became known throughout medical aesthetics and the weight loss industry for its off-label weight loss potential. Once it hit the mainstream, Ozempic (and other semaglutide drugs) accelerated into new possibilities, with clinical trials exploring its potential use for additional health ailments, celebrities and influencers sharing their Ozempic journey and the fitness industry beginning to embrace its weight loss support. There has also been pushback on the use of Ozempic, with concerns about its risks, long-term effects and ethical nature for patients and the medical aesthetics industry.

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