Carboxytherapy Effectively Targets Cellulite and Periorbital Dark Circles

facial carboxytherapy treatment
Carboxytherapy can reduce periorbital dark circles.
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Carboxytherapy is a popular injectable treatment that is loved for its ability to treat a multitude of skin concerns. Its main uses include treating dark circles under the eyes and reducing cellulite and stretch marks, but it has also shown promise for use in scar treatments, different types of alopecia and infraorbital hyperpigmentation.

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Carboxytherapy involves injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide gas underneath the skin to reduce cellulite and stretch marks and treat dark circles under the eyes, as well as wound healing, according to Very Well Health. Carbon dioxide brings additional oxygen into the area and dilates the blood vessels where it is injected to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

An article in Glam explains that injecting CO2 into the skin triggers the Bohr effect, a dynamic within cell tissues that allows the body to recognize when more oxygen is needed. When CO2 levels rise, this signals the body to release more oxygen, stimulating the cells to release growth hormones and rejuvenating cells while simultaneously using up fatty acids to fuel this work. The CO2 is processed through the body with other forms of waste, such as being expelled from our lungs.

Potential Applications

Carboxytherapy has been used to treat a variety of skin concerns in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. A March 2023 study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology concluded that carboxytherapy has successfully been applied for skin aging, cellulite, localized fat deposits, striae distensae, infraorbital hyperpigmentation, scar, lymphedema, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, psoriasis, morphea and vitiligo.

For fat and cellulite reduction, the procedure is often preferred over more invasive and high-risk methods, like liposuction, according to Healthline, which also claims that carboxytherapy is a relatively safe procedure with almost no side effects. Bruising may develop at the injection site, specifically in the arms and legs, but it should clear up within a week. People who get the procedure for fat reduction or cellulite also shouldn’t immerse themselves in water for 24 hours, including swimming or using a bathtub.

Market Value

The global market for carboxytherapy has shown growth potential on par with its popularity on social channels. Per Research & Markets, the global carboxytherapy market was valued at $95.64 million in 2022 and is projected to reach $191.32 million by 2028. The market value is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.25% during the forecast period.

The report indicates that the growth of the carboxytherapy market is driven by the rising demand for anti-aging solutions, an increase in disposable income, surging adoption of non-invasive aesthetic procedures and growing incidence of skin disorders and hair loss.

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